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seniorwardenThe spring rains have affected some of the Buildings and Grounds plans for St. Mark’s. One project has been completed and we are fortunate for that with the rains we’ve had recently. The cementing in of the south basement windows has been completed. Bring on the rain. Still waiting for the rain to lighten up is the courtyard fence project and brick work.

Outreach is still in need of granola bars and fruit and pudding cups for the Open Table project for June 14th. Last week Allen’s had pudding cups $0.79 for a pack of 4! Good price! If you haven’t helped this committee out with a donation you still have time to do it.

Mother Catherine has secured the sales tax permit for our Bob Ingram Store. Research is being done on items for our ‘little store’ and hopefully it will be up and running soon. If you have suggestions for items, please give them to Mother Catherine.

Summer is traditionally a time of lower than normal attendance at church services. This affects our pledges and giving each year. I am in hopes that if you are unable to attend services due
to vacations and etc. that you might take advantage of the online giving option that is offered on our home site.

Our annual Rogation Sunday supper will be held June 7th at 4:00 p.m. at the Veldon and Mary Jo Nemecek home near Blue Hill. We will not have our carry in following church services
that day. Hope to see you at the Rogation gathering.

We want to raise our children so that they can take a sense of pleasure in both their own heritage and the diversity of others. By Mister Rogers

When facing a difficult task, act as though it is impossible to fail. If you’re going after Moby Dick, take along tartar sauce.

Pray not for things, but for wisdom and courage.

Marsha Sukup

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