Message from Dean Catherine

Dear Friends,
Words cannot express the love and gratitude Bob and I feel every time we think about
the retirement and farewell party last Sunday – but I’m going to try, anyway.

Clearly hours and hours of preparation went into every facet of this event. Thank you
so much for the love; the kind words (both spoken and written in cards); the generous
gifts; the heart felt hugs; the fantastic “crunchies” at each table; and the amazing
evening! You made my visiting family members feel so welcome! I will treasure and
hang the engraved St Mark’s Pro-Cathedral roof slate in a prominent place in our
home. You also have excellent taste in purses!

Not all the surprises you had in store for me happened during the party at the Lark.
At announcement time during my final service, you gave me a framed letter from the
Bishop making me Dean Emeritus of Saint Mark’s Pro-Cathedral. I will treasure the
honor for the rest of my life!

Most of all, Bob and I will cherish my memories of all of you. You are the most
wonderful congregation of loving souls! You make it so very hard to follow through
on my retirement, and actually leave. You will always be dear to our hearts. Thank
you, dear friends!

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